Saturday, January 7, 2012

First mission: Encouraging Faith Cards

Our first mission is for a family of a little boy who died due to cancer. We would like to send encouraging and uplifting cards for this family. Here is an example of one of our cards by one of our talented designers

If you would like to join us in sending cards to this family or any of our other missions, please fill out our send cards form.

Thank you!


  1. OK I think I linked my post to the blog. Not really sure tho.... never done this before!

  2. Not sure if I missed the details of this post. Do you just want us to link a card, or is there a specific mission request. Thanks for any clarification.

  3. I did my other cards, one for the little girl, the boy, Ethan and his mom. Forgot to take a pic of the card for the little girl, but the other two will be posted on my blog.